About us

Who we are?

Ecodomus PIT is a subsidiary company of UAB „Ecodomus”, which together with Solitek, a well-known solar module manufacturer in Europe, developed a new product – ePIT carports with an integrated solar power plant.

Both Ecodomus and Solitek strive to create a sustainable living environment for people, therefor this new product contributes to the cherished values of both companies.

ePIT started its activity as an additional project of the UAB Ecodomus company, yet within a couple of years it has grown into a separate company that expands its production capacity, looks for partners abroad and successfully expands the scope of its activities.

Our vision

To become a leading producer of sustainable and ecological products for the home well-being and the environment in Western Europe.

Our mision

To create, develop and produce ecological and sustainable solutions for improving the well-being of the home and the environment.

kw energy

generates ePIT already made carports

Solar panels

was installed during the manufacture of carports


customers are already happy with ePIT products

electric cars

can charge at the same time in carports made by ePIT

Why to choose ePIT?

We aim to never stop improving, growing and sharing the experience we already have!

10 years


We have been working with the production of wood products for more than 10 years, so we know this craft very well, we have the necessary equipment and qualified employees.



When manufacturing premium segment products, we pay particular attention to their quality - we carefully select materials and their suppliers, carry out comprehensive production quality control within the company, and raise the competences of employees.

The latest


We aim to constantly improve our products by looking for the best solutions on the market, so that the end user can enjoy not only a sustainable and ecological product, but also a technologically advanced one.



We aim for the customer to fully enjoy our products, so we share our accumulated experience, help install a solar power plant, organize the necessary documents, and recommend power plant efficiency monitoring tools.

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